Testimony of

James Johnson

I was born Feb. 15, 1929 in LaGrange Troupe County GA. My Father was Floyd Johnson and my Mother Eva Pauline (Fincher). Dad was a Minister in the Fire-Baptized Holiness Church and Mother was devout Christian woman.

My brothers and sisters were raised in the strictest of strict homes. By that I mean we were not allowed to go places do things say things or hear things some families did. For instants, no movies, no soft drinks (cokes, pepsi cola's etc. We were in church Sat. night, Sunday School and worship service Sunday morning Youth service Sunday afternoon and worship Sunday night.

In those early years when we were not in school or doing chores we played. we could always find something to do within hearing distance of the house. If mother or dad called we had to answer.

I accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour at the early age of nine. Yes I remember I was on my knees at the old fashion alter. I grew up living a christian life to the best of my ability.
We lost our mother in 1942, she had been sick for sometime. I was thirteen when she passed away. Her death seem to impact my sister very much. Dad was given a new church in Chisiom a suburb of Montgomery, Alabama. I got a little older, found a job and worked until I turned seventeen. Dad signed for me and I joined the army for three years.

I was married in 1948 and was discharged at the end of my enlistment in 1949. Looked for work and moved to Lubbock TX. Job played out and so I went into the Ministry in the Church of God church. I left the ministry after a few years and went to work to support and raise a family.

Betty and I raised four young ladies. Then in Dec 1993 I retired about six weeks before my sixty fifth birthday.

I lost Betty in 2004 after a long illness.

I have been retired for twenty two years. God has been good to me. I love God and try to stay as close to him as I can.

My prayer life and bible study is my daily life.


My brother, James made an impact on my life.